deHerrera Associates is an art advisory firm founded by Maria Luisa deHerrera to serve the arts, civic, and business communities by providing cultural planning services to help clients fashion wide-ranging, innovative projects in the arts and cultural realm. An acknowledged expert in creative partnerships and collaborations in the public and private sector, deHerrera has more than thirty-years experience in conceptual planning, consensus-building, and hands-on management of major cultural initiatives.

deHerrera has been an independent consultant since 2003 and has successfully completed a broad range of projects for a diverse clientele including the City of West Hollywood, the Ports of Los Angeles and San Diego; The California Endowment; the Los Angeles Community Re-Development Agency; Chevron Land Development; and the Los Angeles Conference and Visitors Bureau, among others. Specialists in leading the strategic planning process, deHerrera Associates brings a fresh approach and new models to client’s end-user needs.

deHerrera Associates has powerful ties with the arts and business communities in Southern California that help clients leverage existing opportunities and take advantage of the mutual benefits corporate, civic, and cultural collaborations can bring. deHerrera Associates serves as a catalyst for art projects and programs that bring outstanding visibility to clients while enhancing the quality of life in the region.

deHerrera Associates has practical experience working with important public agencies and professionals including artists, architects, civic and business leaders, city planners, curators, developers, foundations, museums, and major cultural organizations. The firm offers clients a collaborative process with contemporary creators framed by kid glove, personal service and curatorial vision—working with clients to conceptualize and define a distinct mission and vision for each project, and designing project development objectives, communications procedures, and an integrated strategy to advance immediate objectives and long-range goals.

From comprehensive urban redesigns and citywide festivals designed to engender pride and acknowledge community identities to major public art installations, exhibitions, and collection and acquisitions initiatives, deHerrera Associates’ expertise has brought diverse groups of people and resources together to create critically acclaimed and lasting accomplishments. With hands-on experience managing multi-million dollar initiatives, the firm has demonstrated the capacity to conceive, plan, budget, implement, and evaluate complex, large-scale projects that have significantly strengthened the Southern California arts community.